#6 Can’t control myself

It’s no secret that I’m a worrier. The issue is that anxiety isn’t always a case of just “worrying”. My brain is just far more awake than my actual body is… I feel at the moment like I’m wired. I feel like I’m living in a bubble and powering through life without a second thought […]

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#4 Hey, soul sister

I’ve gone through my whole life watching movies where a girl meets her soulmate, I’ve been promised the whole time that one day it’ll be me. I’ve been informed that a lot of work will be involved. I’ve been told I’ll have to kiss a few frogs. I’ve even been told to wait my turn…I’m […]

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#3 The Dismissal of Anxiety

Disclaimer: I’m fully aware that this is my third post and we are yet to uncover any sort of positivity in my life, but hey you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! We live in a world where it is becoming more common for people to open up about living with mental illness. Where […]

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#2 Friday Fettle

So this morning I woke up in one of THOSE moods. I’d gone to snack city last night, loaded up on carbs as comfort food and this morning woke up feeling like I look bigger than the moon. I must have spent a good 30 minutes staring at my tummy this morning, standing naked in […]

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#1 – As the saying goes…

So according to an old saying, apparently “there’s no use crying over spilled milk”. I don’t know if you’ve ever met a human being like me before, but with the tears I’ve cried I could probably buy shares in Yazoo with the metaphoric milk I’ve spilled. As a brief introduction, let’s just say I’ve been […]

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